Misconceptions about Dogs

There are many misconceptions surrounding dogs, especially when it comes to bites and attacks.

Often these things are labelled as unpredictable or blamed on specific breeds. Remembering that the WTP is unpredictable and that a dog subjected to a lack of training, improper training or an incorrect relationship is behaving on its WTP, means that these dogs unpredictable behaviour is actually very predictable. Myths of lock jaw and breed type tend to follow. One such case was described by the press as being an attack from a savage uncontrolled beast. According to the newspaper the dog had bitten into the owner’s leg and because of its lock jaw had not let go until the leg was severed nearly right off, the beast had then started to feed on its human victim from the stomach.

The reality is that a dog typically makes two bites when it attacks, the first is to a limb and is meant to demobilise the victim. In this case the victim dragged the dog reportedly about 100mtrs so the dog quite rightly didn’t let go as the victim was not demobilised (the stronger the WTP the more determined the dog will be to hang on) This was not lock jaw just a high WTP.

The second bite is to kill the victim and will be to a major artery or organs, in this case the groin and stomach. The attack was actually a very text book attack, not because of the dogs breed or any untruths about its abilities, it was simply acting on its WTP.

In no way of coarse is it right for a domestic dog attack a human regardless of the outcome, but not understanding why and instead blaming the wrong things is unjust and ultimately dangerous as ignorance does not stop a reacurrence of the problem.